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Client Testimonials - published with permission of the authors

February 2016

(following one myokynesthetic treatment for heel pain).....WOW! I did not have ANY sharp pains in my Achilles tendon when I got up this morning! For the past few months I have been limping when I get up out of bed - it wasn't there today. 

SM - Wynne, AR

August 2015

Last year I had two surgeries, one toward the end of the year. After the second one, I became ill with C-Diff. As I recovered I was weak and almost unable to walk because of intense pain and swelling in my joints. This continued so I was sent to different specialists and no definitive cause could be found. By April of this year, I was walking with a cane and I had reached the point where I was just worn out by all the pain.

As a therapist, Julie is the most knowledgeable and compassionate one that I have ever met. She has used several different exercises and treatments, and I have gotten better in the last four weeks than in many, many moths. I thank God that Ms. Gaiser has chose this profession and dedicated her life to the treatment and care of hurting people.

JK - Little Rock


I went to Bryant Bethel Physical Therapy with high hopes. I had been in severe pain for about a week. My hip pain had gotten to the point I was using a walker. At 24 years old it was very embarrassing as you can imagine. Also, I had a very intense burning sensation in my lower back. This is not the first time I visited Julie's clinic. The last time was for a slipped disc and after several weeks of therapy I was completely pain free. But back to my current situation. I came in to the clinic limping and in severe pain. She got me right in with no waiting at my appointment time. She was very professional and immediately identified the problem and was extremely knowledgeable and explained very well what was going on. She had me perform some gentle exercises to help correct my alignment. I immediately felt relief. The next morning I was a bit sore but I was completely free from my hip and back pain. I got out of bed without so much as a pause. I was not limping and I felt like a new person. I am so happy that I have Julie to help me. I would recommend her to anyone!                      L.O. - Alexander


After several months of back, hip and leg pain and having seen other providers with no improvement, I came to Bryant Bethel Physical Therapy... and I can't tell you how glad I am!
I've never had such a thorough evaluation and Julie's diagnostic skills are amazing. She really understands the biomechanics of the body and how everything can be interrelated. She is interested in your problem and takes her time to find the cause and develop a comprehensive treatment plan. It was almost unbelievable how quickly I got relief from my pain after my treatment. I am telling everyone about Bryant Bethel PT!         -MH   Little Rock


As her student @ SVI nearly 10 years ago, I was very impressed with the depth of Julie's knowledge in wound care and lymphedema management as well as her easy rapport with patients in pain. Now as the patient in pain, and a PT that has been around a variety of physical therapists, I'm convinced that Julie is either genius or magical (more likely the former). After ignoring low back and si joint pain for several months, and trying a few si joint dysfunction "tricks" without relief, I called Julie for an appointment. I left her office after one visit with significantly less pain, more range of motion, and some tools to use to continue the healing and correction on my own. 
KR - Little Rock, AR

12-2-14 Upon a follow up visit with my doctor following knee replacement, he said "You are doing great. You must have an excellent physical therapist." I am proud to recommend Bryant Bethel Physical Therapy to anyone. - DR, Benton, AR


When I started therapy I knew I needed to improve the range of motion in my left knee. I stressed by knee while on a trip and it did not return to normal. The therapist helped me make progress through exercises in the office and on my own. Now I have a stronger and more flexible left leg and knee, and my range of motion is much improved. I can now walk normally without pain.                - G.S., Bryant


 When my doctor told me I needed to have knee surgery, my heart and mind just weren’t ready to have surgery because of many coming events in my family. I asked him if I could try therapy before I made my decision to have surgery. He gave me a list of four different places to take therapy. After prayerful consideration, I decided on Bryant Bethel Physical Therapy. I wasn’t excited about going to therapy and was very nervous. From the first visit, my nerves were calmed, my worries were gone and I didn’t want to miss one single appointment. When I started therapy, I couldn’t walk very well for fear of falling because of the weakness in my right shin area. Today I have no thought of falling. My muscles in my legs are much stronger. I was shown many exercises to help strengthen me in the areas that were the weakest. Overall, this was the best experience for me and I will be able to attend the events that my family has scheduled.                                         - V.B., Mabelvale

3-2014 (published with permission)

...the therapist cares for her patients and her compassion is so sincere. She was so gentle with her instructions and always showed me how to do the exercises before I did them. My appointments were well organized...       JP - Benton

I am grateful for the help I received from the therapy...I seem to be steadier on my feet. The therapy was a pleasant experience..                CT - Sardis

1-26-2014 (published with permission)


I have arthritis in my neck and have been under a tremendous amount of stress over the last several months. Of course, the stress caused my neck (and shoulders) to worsen to the point it was difficult to function and concentrate. At times I felt that I wouldn't be able to lift my head from the pillow. After suffering with it for weeks this time, I decided to go to my GP. He suggested (physical therapy.) To be honest, I wasn't really excited about it because I had been to physical therapy in years past and wasn't looking forward to my neck being stretched. None the less, I decided I had nothing to lose because I was hurting so bad.

I am so glad that I came to see you! The exercises that you suggested along with the treatment that you performed on my neck and shoulders over the weeks that my insurance allowed me to come have helped me so much! I have tried to be diligent in your instructions and suggestions and can't begin to thank you for your expertise and kindness.

I'm feeling so much better and will happily refer my friends and family members to you for treatment.

- S.R., Bryant, AR

June 2013 

I first met Julie Gaiser when she treated my husband, who needed a surgery he couldn’t have for other medical reasons. I was impressed with Julie’s professionalism as well as her unfailing courtesy to a man in immense pain. Under Julie’s care my husband improved and was well prepared to meet the challenges involved in recovering from surgery when he was finally able to have it.
So when I found myself in a similar predicament I went straight to Bryant Bethel Physical Therapy for help. I had developed a lot of shoulder problems, and because of prolonged cancer treatment, I cannot get these problems fixed. The pain was excruciating, and I couldn’t imagine how to get all my issues organized.
I’ve been in physical therapy many times before, but I’ve never been in any setting where I was treated with such competence and compassion. My appointments were always well organized; my file in order. Julie always knew where we were in my therapy; not once did I arrive and feel like just an injured shoulder walking through the door, but rather I felt like a real person with a life beyond cancer and shoulder pain. Julie has always patiently explained everything we were doing and why we were doing it, and helped refresh me when I forgot certain procedures. Thanks to Julie’s care I have learned to stand taller, to give my shoulder the best possible care, and to minimize the pain of this ordeal.
This is not a success story where the patient is healed and moves on. Healing may never happen for me. This is a success story about finding a physical therapist who genuinely and gently cares about her patients; who builds trust and who finds a way to help her patients get to know themselves in an entirely new light, and arms them with the knowledge they need to keep each little success on their journey back to health.

I. B. - Little Rock, AR

I had lived with my pain for years. It interfered with all  my daily activities. I just started doing nothing because it hurt so much. My son-in-law had been working with Julie and had excellent treatment so I decided to give it a try. I have never met anyone that was so concerned about helping get to the bottom of the problem. Julie is fantastic at her job and I would recommend her to anyone. I have been out of therapy for a few months and have followed her directions and have been pain free. I am thrilled with the care and the help I received at Bryant Bethel Physical Therapy. Julie is excellent to work with. Thanks to her I am now riding a stationary bicycle 6 miles a day and enjoying life so much more.                      -P.R.    Bryant, Ar

July 2013...I'm 49 years old, have fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. I came to Julie for therapy on my back, which I've suffered with for the past two years. With her one on one therapy approach, I can now say that the daily pain in my back is no longer keeping me from having a productive daily life. I can enjoy being out with family and friends without all the limitation I've had to live with the last 2 years. I thank Julie for giving my life back and the tools to maintain the progress made in physical therapy throught the plan she has outlined for me. I would recommend her!

T.K. - Mabelvale, AR

July 2013

I started physical therapy at Bryant Bethel Physical Therapy because of shoulder pain and loss of movement in my left shoulder. I was unable to lift my arm above shoulder level and it was quite painful. I was unable to reach above my head and perform simple tasks with that arm. I was also unable to sleep much at night because of the pain. After a few sessions with the therapist, my shoulder was much better! After completing 10 visits, I have no pain and my shoulder movement is almost back to normal. I really appreciate all of Julie's hard work!

- T. L., Alexander, AR

May 2013

I came in because of the pain and the restricted movement that I felt from the right hip to the heel. There was tension and a severe sensation of "binding." The doctor called it sciatica.

Julie blended the perfect physical therapy recipe for me: the alignment, the stretches, the strengtheners, the lifting tips and the emphasis on core activation. All of these ingredients, along with my efforts at home, produced marvelous (miraculous?), measurable results.

The pain and binding sensations are completely gone. I can once again sit, stand, lean forward, drive, everything I did before, without the pain.

Diana W

Bryant Bethel Physical Therapy's staff gave me the support, training, tools and experience I needed when a traumatic car accident left me with broken bones, torn ligaments, plates, screws, rods, etc...  From comforting advice to the cold hard truth about my injuries, Ms. Julie not only provided me with great, friendly service while in her care, but also helpful exercises and ideas for when at home. The most important support, however, was confidence. Uncertainty, pain, no job, hobbies and much more being taken away, I was not sure that I would ever get back to normal. Ms. Julie pushed and maximized my potential and I am very grateful.

Larry C - Benton, AR

I have been fortunate to have been helped by Bryant Bethel Physical Therapy on two occasions.

First, after surgery (last year) I had terrible muscle spasm in my back. The therapist was able to relieve my pain through that crisis.

Second, having developed some arthritis in my neck, I asked my physician if physical therapy would, I requested Bryant Bethel Physical Therapy. The therapist customized and personalized an exercise plan for me. She goes the extra mile to get you better! She does not mind researching your problem and working out a solution. Flexibility has been restored...Thank you Julie and Bryant Bethel for working with me!                      

Karla B - Bryant

When I went to the doctor's office, he told me I had a lot of things wrong with my foot. I couldn't put my foot down without it hurting. I couldn't foot would sting and burn all night. My doctor sent me to physical therapy. I just went a short time and with the therapist's help and exercises I can now walk on my foot without pain. I walked from the Sear's parking lot to War Memorial stadium and back without any pain. If I ever have to have physical therapy again, I will go back to Julie. 

Louise W - Mabelvale

Bryant Bethel Physical Therapy is amazing.

Seven weeks ago I developed lymphedema as a result of over-strenuous stretching exercises of my left arm. I heard a small pop at my elbow. Three days later, my left arm and elbow were swollen and I couldn't bend my arm. I couldn't put my arm in my shirt, reach for anything over my head or turn off the bedside lamp without serious pain.

My breast surgeon highly recommended Julie Gaiser and the team of Bryant Bethel Physical Therapy. Julie helped me through my treatment efficiently, encouraging me when I didn't see immediate improvement. Today I can put my shirt on, get the coffee canister off the top shelf of the pantry and turn off the light at night with no pain....Julie genuinely cares about my recovery and is knowledgeable about the best course of treatment to resolve my issue...If you need physical therapy, I recommend without reservation Julie and the staff of Bryant Bethel PT to anyone fortunate to become their patient.


Sharon Steele

My name is James Kennedy. I'm 48 years old and I've had many injuries in my left ankle, right shoulder, three surgeries on my right knee and now a total right knee replacement. I've had many physical therapist over the years. Never one like Julie. Her one on one approach to physical therapy wasn't expected! I believe that is why my progress has been so advanced. This was a very painful time for me and my family. With her professional and personal care she shows to everyone, I will never forget how she has helped me. If I or any other find they need a therapist for any type of injury, Julie is the only one I would recommend.


As a lifelong athlete, most of my injuries have been minor and never caused me to stop any sports, much less miss work or any time at the gym. Unfortunately, the last incident was different. I suffered a shoulder separation of the AC joint, which was not only extremely painful, but caused me to miss work and basically miss out on any other physical activities. I couldn’t change clothes or even shower without help.

            After my family doctor referred me to Bryant Bethel Physical Therapy, I was highly skeptical about physical therapy speeding up the healing process. After only 1 week with Julie, I was able to start using my left arm again. My doctor also told me I could be impaired for 6-8 weeks minimum, but after 3 weeks with Julie, I was able to ease back into my old lifestyle. Although I am still young and heal somewhat quickly, I firmly believe that with Julie’s patient, specific physical therapy routine that was designed just for me, I was able to heal not only faster, but I also believe that I will have less problems with that shoulder in the future….if any at all!


K C – Bryant, AR

January 24, 2012

The Apostle Thomas, also known as Doubting Thomas, demanded to touch Jesus' wounds before being convinced of His resurrection. Because of his need for proof, I have always felt that Thomas is a role model for scientists, for we practice speculation in everything and constantly seek methods involving measurable proof, not touch-feely-hocus-pocus-magic. Understanding that my twenty-eight year career is ingrained with this mindset, I begin my story.

An ongoing, exteme pain was my motivator. After injuring myself and waiting six months for healing to occur, I finally broke down and asked my physician what I could do to alleviate pain so severe I couldn't sleep because I couldn't recline in a comfortable position. Furthermore, I couldn't walk without pain. My routine exercise program had ground to a complete halt. I desperately needed help. The last thing I expected him to do was to send me to a physical therapist. What could they possible do? Although I was skeptical,at this point I was willing to try anything with an open mind. So I made the appointment and went to see Julie Gaiser.

Thus I started my road to recovery - for within 24 hours after my first session I felt improvement. That's right, I said twenty-four hours. I'd waited six months for what I got within a day of meeting with Julie. Furthermore, improvement didn't end there. For Julie didn't only treat my injury; she treated the underlying causes of the injury, teaching me how to safely address and strengthen my weak area. She did all of this without making me feel stupid for injuring myself in the first place (although I admit, it WAS stupid), without scolding me for letting myself get out of shape, or exhibiting any impatience as I worked through the baby-steps toward improvement. Instead, she was supportive and attentive, nurturing and encouraging, all through the process. She didn't simply make me feel I was cared for: I WAS cared for, in every explanation, every instruction and every touch. This stems from the fact that Julie isn't simply a highly trained career professional - she is a healer, and every step she takes exhibits a deep caring for the human behind the pain. She takes that extra special step beyond routine to tailor her treatments to the person, not to an outline or canned program, something rare and unexpected in today's one-size-fits-all world.

The result of this exceptional approach is crystal sclear: I'm back on my exercise program and working to catch up to where I was seven months ago - but now I'm better than I was before! I no longer duck-walk, but my feet are facing forward like they should. In fact, I'm doing moves I never thought I'd do again, and I have hopes to recapture even more. I've been given my life back, with the extra thrill of having hope for a more active, physically fit future! I'm empowered! I am no longer accepting the limits of mid-life, but pushing the envelope and excited by my ongoing metamorphosis. In short, Julie worked nothing short of a mriacle. She's helped me turn back the hands of time!

My experience with Julie Gaiser at Bryant Bethel Physical Therapy has exceeded all expectations. I would not only recommend her to anyone, but I would ask 'What are you waiting for?' Make the appointment, and go see for yourself. I guarantee if I do anything stupid again, I'll meet you at the door of Bryant Bethel Physical Therapy.

Amy S - Bauxite, AR

On about the 1st of December 2011, I saw my primary care physician about the excruciating pain in my neck and upper back....(he) recommended I see either a chiropractor or a physical therapist. Fortunately, I found (Bryant) Bethel Physical Therapy....Julie determined that a series of exercises designed not only for the upper spine was needed, but the lower back as well. Under her supervision, I learned the correct method of performing the exercises...I'm not sure just when I became pain free, but it was after only a few visits...I'm quite confident that by sticking with the program...I will benefit for years, even though I celebrated my 80th last August

Mary Jo Beasley - Little Rock

  “…just finished my physical therapy session, as my friends and the listeners on Drive Time know, I have suffered from a serious spinal problem. I was unable to sit without severe pain for more than 19 months…I have finally found [help].”

 “Spent the week in Branson, actually played Golf, thanks to my physical therapist…”

 “Great therapy session today, pain when I arrived, nothing but sweat when left.”

 -           Coach Crawford / little rock

I recently injured both of my ankles and one of my knees playing soccer. My doctor wanted me to have physical therapy. Some of my teammates recommended that I go to Bryant Bethel Physical Therapy for my treatment.

Ms. Julie really helped me a lot! She helped the pain in my ankles and my knee and taught me exercises to do to help me get better and stay better. I really liked how she taught me why I was doing each exercise. She even gave me some tips on which kind of soccer cleats would be best for me and watched me play soccer once I got better.

Physical therapy really helped me. I am back to playing soccer now! - Shelby G., Mabelvale, AR


I recently retired from a 30-year career as a physical therapist and expected to be able to devote a good part of my newly won free time to two of my hobbies, hiking and gardening. Unfortunately, however, gradually worsening low back pain took away a lot of this freedom.

I consulted an orthopedic specialist, who assured me that x-rays of my spine looked "pretty good" and I was not a candidate for surgery. He did agree to give me a referral for physical therapy and I decided to see Julie Gaiser, a former colleague, who specailizes in the treatment of low back and pelvic girdle disorders.

Julie has the knowledge and the patience to sort out a number of symptoms, aches, and pains and come up with a logical cause for the problem and then work on it. I am greatly impressed by her expertise as a therapist and her devotion to finding answers to questions. During treatment sessions I received her undivided attention.  She was invariably kind and cheerful.

She ultimately provided me with the tools to help myself through a program of speific exercises. I have a good understanding of what I need to do and what I might better avoid. Hiking and gardening are definitely in the plan again thanks to Julie! - A.M., Little Rock, AR


Having known Julie Gaiser for several years, I called on her at her clinic when my shoulder and neck became very painful. Mrs. Gaiser treated my pain. It was amazing! As the muscles relaxed, the pain began to melt away...Also, in April I had a total knee replacement and Julie helped with rehab associated with that. I am so pleased to have such qualified care here in Bryant close to where I live. What could be better than knowing that the hands directing your care are guided by God! - Joan D, Alexander, AR

Julie's professional manner impressed me from the first appointment and throughout the entire process of my therapy. Having utilized physical therapy at several locations in central Arkansas over the last twenty plus years, I can assure you I was skeptical about the quality of care I would receive for (my particular need.) Too many past experiences with physical therapists that were insensitive to patient's concerns about recovery led me to believe this would be no different. I can tell you without a doubt; Julie put my concerns to rest from the first day. Her cheerful attitude and professional skill made an arduous schedule of appointments not only bearable, but comforting...Her attitude, professioanl skills, and commitment to her patients are the best I have witnessed firsthand. - Sam H, Little Rock, AR

My name is Tina and I was privileged to be able to receive physical therapy from Julie. It was during a time in my life where I had just recovered from a major illness but was having some complications. My initial meeting with Julie was very informative. She made me feel very comfortable with her and we talked about the various therapy treatments she had available, goals and quite a few other things. Julie was very professioanl at every therapy session that I had. She was always kind, considerate and always had my best interst in mind...She creates an environment that is warm, loving and you feel a great sense of security...I would definitely refer my family and friends to her. - Tina, Little Rock, AR

I had a severe strained hip injury. The pain was constant and got worse with standing and walking. Pain medicines and muscle relaxers were not helping. I chose to see Julie Gaiser P.T. because I knew of her successful therapy outcomes from other patents and therapists.

 I was hoping to get some kind of relief! I didn't think I would walk normal again, but Julie assured me on my first visit with her that I would. After my first treatment my pain decreased greatly. I could stand up and was able to tolerate weight on my hip again. Within serveral weeks I had relief. Julie taught me exercises and stretches to continue doing after the treatments ended.

 I'm doing great neow and with no pain and I am able to walk normal again! Thanks to Julie and her expertise! I highly recommend Julie Gaiser, P.T. - Theresa H, Little Rock, AR

My first experience with Physical Therapy was a very positive one that corrected the pain I had been experiencing for 2 years. I had gone to my primary physician and had xrays taken of my lower back and there was nothing that could be determined. I was give a prescripton for muscle relaxers to help with the pain that I was starting to feel constantly. I then went to (a specialist) that had helped me in the past with back pain. After a series of (treatments) I was given a small insole to place in the heel of my right shoe. This helped my pain some but the problem was having to wear an insole that I could not wear with all my shoes. I then met Julie Gaiser, PT, and discussed the problem I was having with my back if I didn't wear an insole. The pain was so bad after one day of not wearing the insole that I would have to take a muscle relaxer. Mrs. Gaiser checked the length of my legs and how my hips were aligning and after one visit I didn't have to wear an insole! That was 6 years ago and I have been pain free since. - AJ, Alexander, AR

During my pregnancy I began to experience restlessness and pain in my legs. I hoped after the pregnancy it would go away but it didn't. I played basketball for 3 years after the pregnancy and the pain got worse. I was not able to run as fast or as long due to the pain and the restlessness continued and I was unable to sit through classes comfortably.

I got with Julie Gaiser after 4 years of having MRI's, treatments, seeing 3 different physical therapists and 2 chiropractors. She was able to point out multiple issues and gave me exercises that help greatly. I have no more pain anywhere unless I haven't done my exercises in a while. Once I do them, I am fine. My restlessness has decreased as I've kept up the exercises Julie gave me.

I very highly recommend Julie to anyone seeking a physical therapist to help any issue they have. -Ashlin, Paron, AR

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