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Some of Our Featured Programs....

Osteoarthritis Program ...each client receives an individual evaluation followed by a custom-fit rehabilitation program, education and modalities to ease pain and alleviate pain on a long term basis

Osteoporosis Program...after thorough baseline measurements are obtained, each individual client receives individualized training in gentle, yet effective strengthening that results in improved posture, decreased pain, decreased fatigue and decreased risk for compression fractures

Vestibular Rehabilitation...treatment alleviates the debilitation caused by dizziness of inner ear problems; each client receives one on one training and education to overcome this often frightening disorder

Lymphedema Program....Venous Edema Program....whether swelling is from lymphedema or venous edema, each client is educated in management of their particular situation to reduce the amount of swelling and discomfort often associated with edema

Joint Replacement Program...ideally physical therapy will begin prior to the actual surgery to better prepare the individual for the surgical period; after surgical physical therapy will focus on the individual's functional goals, along with strengthening, endurance training and pain control

Back / Neck / Spine Program...customized evaluation of each client leads to a customized therapy program designed to solve the problem creating pain

Core Stability Training...strengthening program that targets the trunk muscles and is essential for improved athletic performance as well as pain reduction for many muscular and skeletal conditions

Balance Program...decreased balance comes from a variety of causes, therefore, each individual receives an evaluation to determine a specific plan of care to address restoration of normalized balance and safety

Compression Garment Fittings...we can provide fittings for both standard compression garments and custom-made compression garments

Sacroiliac Dysfunction Program...a common cause of low back, groin, hip and / or buttock pain that is often overlooked can be effectively treated with specific muscular contractions and modalities

ACL Injury Prevention Program...especially helpful for female athletes; education and fitness training geared toward reducing the chances of tearing the anterior cruciate ligament

Fall Prevention Classes...aging often is accompanied by falls, some of which lead to life altering hip fractures; this program is geared at therapies and education to prevent falls and improve independence and safety in walking

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment and more...

We offer many other physical therapy programs and services in addition to those listed above.




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