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Arkansas Counties Puzzle

Newsletter 6 Answer Key

In this story, you should be able to run across the names of all 75 counties of the state of Arkansas. Some names may be found more than once, but all 75 names are included. The names may include from 1 to 4 words. For example, “Marion” County is found in the following sentence. Although I failed grammar, I once won a contest for random writing. Let’s begin our journey back in the sawmill era. Mr. Faulkner, our closest neighbor, lived just a stone’s throw from our favorite little river. He had just married a Geneva dame named Francis Bradley on Independence Day. Her initials, F.F., could have stood for “Fancy Footwear,” for she wore white & yellow polka dot shoes everywhere she went. Ma & Pa warned us to stay away from Mrs. Faulkner, for it had been said many times at the local county store “If you are huntin’ a saint, Francis isn’t it.” However, she always snuck us a lollipop each, and we couldn’t resist her back yard, a.k.a. Sugarland. She taught us games as well. Try as I might, I never could get the hang of playing jacks, only marbles. One beautiful summer day, the Faulkner’s very vocal hound was amazingly quiet for a change. In the shade under the redwood, Ruffy was enjoying a rabbit chasing dream. Out of nowhere, a maniac lark dropped from the air & bacon-waylaid the dog back into reality land. The poor dog ran through the bushes, right near swallowed a green lizard, & parted the striper ryegrass clear to the neighbors. Mrs. Hempstead was soaking her bunions when ol’ Ruffy tore through her garden. “Jefferson Hempstead! Go get your Montgomery Ward B.B. gun and scare off this rabid hound!” yelled Mrs. Hempstead in a less than beautiful tone. “This dog has made me so mad; I so never want to speak to the Faulkners again!” So it was that I heard a BB gunshot spring through the air. Poor Ruffy took to fleeing so fast that he outright flattened an unwary prairie dog. Ruffy sped past the local gnome’s cottage & headed on down towards Lake Ouachita. About the same time, I saw a young lad named Craig head that way. He was toting some salmon roe and Fig Newtons for his lunch. When Ruffy caught wind of Craig’s lunch, he dug in his claws and leveled the clay road enough to grade a tarmac level and smooth. Ol’ Ruffy grabbed Craig’s lunch pail & the fight was sure on…it was an intense vier for dibs on lunch. Craig had eaten all of his green eggs and ham for breakfast, but he knew it wouldn’t last all day. His mom had suggested for breakfast he eat raisin bran. Dolphin safe tuna was her recommendation for lunch. Craig’s friend, Sebastian, came along about the time Ruffy won rights to the lunch pail. Fortunately, Sebastian had plenty of lunch to share. He said “We’ll just share my watermelon, OK? Everyone knows it’s the perfect treat on a hot day.” The boys went on down to the lake to make the best of the rest of the day. They were fishing right where I lost my sandal last year. A chukwalla wren cedarbird happened to notice the shiny brown seeds in the watermelon. The bird ate so many watermelon seeds that when she tried to sing she sounded like a hen that might have had a rock stuck in her craw for days. About this time, Mr. Lincoln, the local Phillips light bulb distributor, drove up. Mr. Lincoln became so excited watching Sebastian reel in a huge pike that he forgot to put his car in park. The car rolled backwards & began to smash leycesteria shrubs. Unfortunately, Mr. Lincoln had a hematocrit tendency towards anemia, and passed completely out from all the excitement. Both Sebastian & Craig were avid Boy Scouts, & happened to have a poinsettia plant with them. The boys quickly concocted a poinsettia salve to help Mr. Lincoln. “Don’t get that stuff on you, Sebastian, you know you can’t rub off rank liniment and your eye will get a cycle burn every time,” cautioned Craig. How arduously the boys worked, smearing the salve from one scapula, skipping over the backbone to the other scapula. As Mr. Lincoln came to, he said “I can hear an angel’s harp playing.” “That’s a line I’ll never forget!” Sebastian whispered to Craig. The boys did such a fine job reviving Mr. Lincoln that he decided to spend the rest of the afternoon with them. “Boys, let’s split that log and build us a fire to cook up that pike,” suggested Mr. Lincoln. About that time, the sheriff drove up and told Mr. Lincoln, ”Sir, pardon me, but your miss is sipping sarsaparilla tea and is acting a bit strange.” Mr. Lincoln jumped in his car & sped off towards 608 West Columbian Drive to check on his wife. As fate would have it, he got stuck behind camels…a whole caravan. Bur entrapped in one of the camel’s saddle blanket slowed progress significantly. Since he was driving so slowly, Mr. Lincoln noticed some rather chic otters frolicking along a local river bank. The otters were in the blindside shadows of some elm trees and were frantically gathering up a payload reward of mussels.  Gobbling up the mussels as quickly as a baboon eats bananas, the otters were oblivious to Mrs. Pamela Johnson’s scolding. “Every day I do the washing, ton after ton of it, and you otters are flicking mussel goo all over it,” Mrs. Johnson fussed. To add to Mrs. Johnson’s demise, bombax termites began to swarm her yard. Mrs. Johnson decided to forget the laundry and clean her plants. She began with the elephant’s ear cycle cleaning of the wax was what she had found to work best. Mr. Lincoln did finally make it to Columbian Drive, only to find his wife picking okra in the garden. He tried to help her, but she would only let him pick the bent ones. Frustrated, Mr. Lincoln opted to just leave early to go call the hogs. Despite Mrs. Lincolns sarsaparilla spree, she remembered to tell Mr. Lincoln “Don’t forget your umbrella; Fayetteville is going to be wet.”

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